give us weapons or we kill your family

From: violated (violat...)

i first dealt with terrorisim about 20 years ago, a man named wally o'brien asked me to design a bomb timer which would be
simple, reliable and last for months or more
I told him no way, I still maintain this position
His associate "Willow" Willie Collins assisted him in harassing and threatening me, I was assaulted and robbed on a number of
occasions and threatened at gun-point on a couple of occassions
I decided then that I could die running or die fighting, I am of the opinion that if a man must die then it is better that he die with
honour, I contacted the Garda and begun to fight back
The Garda at Enniscorthy, County Wexford showed considerably more interest in the weapon I was asked to produce than in
the acts of terrorisim and crimes being committed, I was forced to withdraw my statement of complaint and use alternative
means to defend myself
Shortly after I moved to the Nederlands for a time
I moved back to Ireland
I found that the assaults against me because of my religious beliefs increased dramatically (there had been considerable
discrimination before this case)
I was also subjected to a number of assaults by Owen Kinsella of Enniscorthy, he was convicted in 1995 of assault against
me, he repeatedly referred to me as unpatrotic and on one occasion did make specific reference to my refusal to help the
cause (this was the assault for which he was convicted), to anybody who can obtain the police records on this matter note
the glaring inconsistency between page 1 and page 3 of my statement, page 2 never made it into the prosecution file, page 2
did give reference to the sectarian terrorist threats made against me during this assault, this happened at Slaney street,
Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Republic of Ireland in 1994
I have been subjected to numerous assaults over the years by persons I believe to be members of provisional terrorist
organisations, some of these assaults referred to me as a proddy bastard and I should help the cause like I was asked
I have always refused to capitulate to terrorisim in any context
Many of these assaults are reported on record at Enniscorthy Garda Station
In the past 2 years I have had my rights severely violated by Irish government officials
I have also had one Andy Kildea, of Cherryorchard, Enniscorthy abuse me on numerous occasions over the past 20 years and
was again approached by him this year, he again asked for the timers referring to the bomb timers that wally o'brien had asked
me to make
Andy Kildea is a retired member of the Garda Siochana, which is to say he was a member of the Irish police force
This man has in the past assaulted me, on several occasions this took place on the old dublin road enniscorthy, the last time I
was attacked by this man was 1996
A serving police officer based at enniscorthy co. wexford did take a personal dislike to me and appears to have done a
background check because the next time I met him he made reference to the timer and Wally & Willow, he told me to give him
the information or he would make my life hell, he has since asked me to design an electro magnetic pulse weapon
I do not know his name his collar number is WW190
I am a diagnostics engineer a fact well known to these people
I for the benefit of all reading this state here and now I HAVE NEVER PRODUCED A WEAPON FOR TERRORISIM and
have never furnished designs or other information to any criminal or terrorist which would be of use in terror
I do not support terrorisim in any context
I have made this statement publically as these people and in particular the serving officer have made threats that they will kill
my son and fiancee in the United Kingdom, I believe this to be a bona-fide threat
I have reported these matters on a number of occasions to the British authorities and an American official
I have received no assistance whatsoever to ensure the lives and welfare of myself or my family
I therefore feel that I now have no choice but to go public about these matters in the hope that the government officials of
Britain and Ireland will be forced to take the appropriate steps to protect those of us at risk from terrorisim

My alternatives are death or capitulation to terrorisim both of which are unacceptable to me

This section constitutes an open letter to the Executive of Ireland, specifically the Minister for Justice, The Minister of Foreign
Affairs, President Mary Macalease and the Taioseach of Ireland (Prime minister)
I Peter Ivan Dunne did send correspondence to your embassy in London UK about the 31-3-1998
revoking my ctizenship of Ireland as I am unable to fulfil the requirements of obligation of allegiance to Ireland due to the
executive of Ireland through its servants and agents ignoring serious religious discrimination and sectarian terrorisim
I re-iterate that statement here
I Peter Ivan Dunne former citizen of Ireland, revoke all claim of citizenship of Ireland (Republic), I do not accept any duty of
allegiance to Ireland or its people, I do not ask for any priviledge of citizenship and reject same
I do so on the grounds that I am unable to fulfil obligation of allegiance to a state which aids and abbets discrimination and

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